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What is the best type of car for me?

You have just passed your safe driver course, and you are thinking about getting a new car. But, deciding on which car to buy can be a demanding and exhausting process, since there are so many different types of cars, with different performances and traits. So, the next thing to do is doing your research, getting to know more about cars and types, and once that is done; you will be a step closer to choosing a proper car for yourself. Listed below are the types of cars that might help you with your research and also with choosing a proper car for yourself.


This car is created to express your personality and to make a statement about you. Limited to only 2 front seats and a bit of space behind them, convertibles are a great thing for driving around. They cost a bit cheaper than other cars, but spend less fuel and are more elegant. I guess that it is all just a matter of taste.


A truly comfortable car, sedan is designed for family transport. Equipped with 4 doors and a huge trunk, these cars are suited for travelling and all around transport. Your children will be safe on the back seat, will have enough space to spread their legs, even sleep while you are driving them home back from school or going on a trip. But, if you are not planning a family in a near future, then sedan might be too much for you.


Adding an additional door will make it 5, which makes these cars super economical and spacious. You will feel the strength of SUV-like cars, and the comfort of a sedan. Car markets all over the world are overwhelmed with hatchbacks since they are among the most driven cars at the moment. With new designs coming up every day, this type is definitely the one worth looking at.

City, off road or a sport car

This category covers multiple cars at the same time. Think about the car you want to buy, and where will you be driving it. If it is the car made for city driving, consider something that is economical and spends the least amount of fuel. Also you would want an environmental-friendly car to prevent it from polluting the city. If you are going to be driving your car off road, then the truck or an SUV is the right thing for you. They have great and strong hydraulics which will protect the car from the unpredictable terrain. In case you are looking for a sports car, either for racing or just showing off, then consider one of the powerful cars equipped with the latest technology and exhaust system which prevents pollution of the environment. These cars are usually sold in any car dealership, and depending on your needs there are plenty of models to choose from. Just make sure you pass a safe driver course to be able to handle these vehicles properly.

Hybrids or Diesels

If you are up for preserving the environment and driving a less powerful car, then hybrids are the right thing for you. They will save you a lot of money during a city drive, and the same as diesels, they will cost more than regular cars when being purchased. On the other hand, diesels tend to give better performance on the highways and long distance travelling with little or no breaking involved. Again, based on your needs, you can choose between these two types of car and still make a great deal.

As you can see, there are plenty of types of cars out there, just waiting for you to come and pick up the keys. Do your research well, and remember that driving a car is much more than just sitting behind the wheel.