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What Are The Different Types of Pearl Bracelets?

Highly elegant and sophisticated looks can be managed by wearing pearl bracelets. The look and feel delivered by quality pearls will be mesmerizing and there will be far reaching effect on others. They have the natural seductive power. You should choose the best bracelet as per the occasion. Moreover, you should also understand the fact that pearl bracelet is indispensable in women’s jewelry gear.

Selection as per the type:

  • Single strand
  • Double strand
  • With Charms
  • With Clasp

Single strand – The bracelet will hang between the hand and the wrist bone. Single strand bracelet is very delicate. However, it will deliver feminine look and there will not be any issues. The bracelet can be worn with any outfit.

Double strand – You can adorn your hands in the best possible way by wearing double strand bracelet for business meetings. If you would like to produce astounding impact on the audience, you can settle for black double strand bracelet with while gold clasp.

With Charms – Pearl bracelets with charms are the most sought after versions of young girls. It is possible to deliver playful look with Freshwater pearls. You can wear bracelet with charms on casual outfits. Great look can be derived by wearing with jeans and T-shirts.

With Clasp – You can go for a pearl bracelet with or without clasp. For formal occasions, you can wear bracelet with a clasp. Highly sophisticated look can be derived by opting for a gold clasp. On the other hand, bracelet without clasp can be worn very conveniently. Style conscious women who would like to manage the best can go for bracelets with clasp.


Pearl jewelry is the perfect gift for wedding and anniversaries. A husband can present a charming bracelet to win the heart of the wife. You can surprise your girl friend by choosing the bracelet as per her complexion. The bracelet should be made with contrast color to the skin.

Young ladies would like to adorn themselves with beautiful bracelets. Freshwater pearl bracelet will be perfect for birthday presentation. A multicolored bracelet can be worn with any outfit. For formal business events, you can go for a bracelet with large white pearls.

You can also choose bracelets as per the budget. Single-stranded versions are affordable and they are available for many occasions. By going for multiple strands, you can manage dramatic look without any issues. You can present link bracelets which are made up of chains and dangling pearls to young girls. If you would like to deliver extravagant look, you can go for bracelets with gemstones. The intricate metal work will certainly amplify your beauty.

The tips offered by experts will help you choose the right kind of bracelet as per the occasion so that you will never be out of style!