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What a pain in the neck!

A painful neck can make it difficult to move your head or even carry out your daily activities. Using a good pain relief spray helps.

Our lives are full of stresses and mental anxieties. The fear of not being able to provide a good living for our near and dear ones keeps most of us on our toes all the time. There is no time to waste in lazy contemplation, when there are several deadlines competing for attention and many tasks to complete. After a point, you feel like you are running on a treadmill – you can’t stop running because you might fall off, and you keep running in the same spot for years!

All this work creates fatigue and stress in the body, reducing its immunity and weakening the joints and muscles. Lack of rest and exercise are two major culprits for many pains and aches in the body. Even those who lead relatively sedentary lives may develop back, shoulder and neck pain, owing to inactive muscles!

Neck pain is one of the worst afflictions one has to endure. It can start out as stiffness but soon develop into full-blown pain. Neck pain can keep one from moving their head from side to side, or up and down. It can even freeze the neck into one position. This can make movement painful and awkward, and interfere with one’s daily activities. One may even have to stay home from work to rest the neck till movement eases up!

Dealing with neck pain

There are many reasons why one develops a neck pain. It can develop as a result of –

  • Sitting at a desk for hours
  • Working on the computer for long periods without a break
  • Not getting enough exercise
  • Getting too much exercise
  • Sleeping wrongly – the neck should not be higher than the shoulders, nor dip below the shoulder blades. The head and neck should be supported by a firm pillow
  • Poor posture, where the shoulders slump and the neck is lowered
  • Weakness or fatigue in the neck muscles or joints
  • Stiffness in the shoulders
  • Injury from a sport, exercise, or abrupt movement

It is important to find out the cause of the neck pain, so that it can be treated correctly. Intense pain that makes movement difficult requires scans and sustained medical treatment. The doctor will prescribe painkilling medication and also physiotherapy to ease the symptoms of pain.

Treating a painful neck at home

If your neck pain is not debilitating and it is probably caused by stress or overwork, you can rest it adequately and use a neck pain relief spray. The pain relief spray is designed to reduce inflammation, soreness, symptoms of stress and fatigue, etc.

Apply a hot compress on the painful neck for at least 10 minutes. The heat opens up the muscles and skin’s pores, and the area is prepped for further healing. Now look straight ahead (but keep the shoulders relaxed) and spray the painful area of the neck with the neck pain relief spray. Wait till the spray is absorbed fully by the skin. The spray has a fast-acting formulation that penetrates the skin and reaches the painful tissues and inflamed muscles. Once it reaches the site of the pain, it starts reducing the inflammation and begins the healing process. Soon, the neck regains its earlier mobility and the pain is significantly reduced.

If you are amenable to frequent bouts of neck pain, it is a good idea to keep neck pain relief spray handy at all times – you can easily treat yourself within no time!