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Tutorial: How to Track Someone’s iPhone

Losing your iPhone can be really stressful. Most people would often find themselves panicking when they lose their phones when they were out. Luckily, there some hacks that we can do onhow to track someone’s iPhone.You can trace your own or your friend’s with the help of GPS and your iPhone apps.

mSpy, one of the best software innovators in the world, can help you how to track an iPhone without iCloud. Here are the steps on how you can pull it. For more information on this amazing app, navigate to www.mspy.com/iphone-spy.html

One of the good things about mspy software is that it allows you to track your friends without accessing your iCloud. However, it can also be less efficient because the of the easy-disabling feature. For family members, this can be really useful, especially if you have kids.

Importance of Tracking Phones

Monitoring software is really useful, especially for parents and company owners. For parents, it allows them to monitor their children when they are outside the house. It also puts them at ease to know where their children are.

For company owners, monitoring system can be really useful because it allows them to keep track of their employees. This application allows them to check the where their employees are currently located.  It allows you to check whether they are productive or sharing company information with someone else.

How to Track a Phone

  1. Go to Location Tracker app in iTunes.

Go to iTunes and search for “Location Tracker”. This app is powered by mSpy, and you can use it to track anyone. If you can’t download it on your phone, you can do so using your mac. Then, just use a USB connector to transfer the software to your phone.

  1. Choose a plan.

Choose a plan that suits you best. There’s a 3-month,, 6-month, and 1-year worth of plan. If you want, you can also choose No Jailbreak to make the installation process faster and easier.

  1. Install the app.

Installation of the app won’t take long. When you open the software in your iPhone, click install.

  1. Link the app to target phone.

If you want to track your family or friends’ phone, be sure to access the control panel and link the app to their phones. Make sure that you have their permission. Otherwise, you’ll be violating their right to privacy. That is unless you are a parent trying to track your child’s activities or a business owner who wants to get updates of your employee’s activities.

  1. Use the app.

Now, you can use the app whenever you want. Track your friend, family, or employee in real time. And when someone loses their phone, you can even retrieve it more easily.


With the advancement of technology, we can easily track our love ones and our co-workers with the help of some mobile applications. It allows you to check their location and activity on a given time. This tutorial is just one of the hacks on how you can track someone’s iPhone.