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Troubleshooting Your Vape When Something Isn’t Right

Vaping can be a great thing to take advantage of when you’re quitting smoking. You probably already know that the health benefits of vaping provide a much greater chance of healthy nicotine inhalation than any tobacco product. And that’s because vapes typically have far fewer ingredients. In fact, there are really only four ingredients, which is why it’s much healthier than tobacco. Compared to cigarettes, there are almost no toxins at all, and each of the ingredients, except for the nicotine, can be found in things like food.

But switching to vaping can sometimes take a little bit of calibration. Basically, you want to get all of the levels just right so that you can enjoy it as much as possible. For many people, this can mean trying different levels of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and even nicotine levels and flavouring.

If you’re vaping and you feel like sometimes things don’t quite go right, but you aren’t sure what’s wrong with your experience, you might find it useful to know how certain aspects of the vape work. That way, you can adjust your levels or settings to get back to a comfortable and safe experience.

Getting a Sore Throat?

Now, sometimes people who are new to vaping get sore throats after hitting it for a while. If you have ever wondered why you might get a sore throat from vaping, you might be interested to know that there are a couple of different factors to identify.

If your throat hurts badly, you should scale back the rate at which you vape, and definitely not drag on it as frequently. You should then try a different juice, perhaps something more mild. A lot of people like the tobacco flavours, but they can be harsh sometimes, so trying a fruitier or creamier flavour might help. You could also be sensitive to propylene glycol, in which case you should look into using juice that has a larger amount of vegetable glycerin in it, to help the throat hit. Additionally, you could also try getting some menthol and mixing it with your flavours to provide better relief for your throat.

Additionally, you might want to either decrease your nicotine level if it’s too harsh, or decrease the wattage so the throat hit is lower.

Burnt Taste?

One thing that makes vaping so great is that the parts are interchangeable. What this means is that if something isn’t working right, you can simply replace it. However, many people who are new to vaping don’t realise this, meaning they can’t tell when it’s time to change out parts.

If you’ve ever experienced a burning sensation when you hit the vape, there could be a couple of things going on which you may want to adjust, but the most obvious cause of trouble is the coil. The metal insert with cotton on it, located on the inside of the tank, does not last forever, and will start to burn if you hit the coil at a high wattage for an extended amount of time. Coils are easy to replace, so you can simply purchase a new one and screw it in.

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