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Top 5 NZ Destinations for Summertime Campervan Travel

New Zealand is always a good idea. From the landscapes to the people, there aren’t many countries that offer so much richness as this beautiful destination does. As you consider going on a road trip, you may want to ponder taking a campervan rental New Zealand.

While New Zealand is beautiful any time of the year, summer time is an excellent season to be able to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes, beaches, and cities. There is a reason why many people choose New Zealand as their vacation destination every year. It offers a large range of variety in landscape and lifestyle that is hard to find in any other country as small as it is.

As you start mapping out your trip to this ideal vacation destination, consider putting the 5 following destinations on your travel itinerary: 

  1. Bay of Islands

What could be better than visiting a plethora of islands during the summer? At the Bay of Islands, you can enjoy island hopping and participating in as many water activities as you like. It’s a paradise in New Zealand that boasts of culture, history, and plenty of fun to be had.

Favorite Bay of Islands activities include sailing, scuba diving (to see the Rainbow Warrior), swimming with marine life, and even hiking. It’s a place where you can sit back and relax under the sun or enjoy adventure on any given day. There is so much to see and do, that there is no way that you can ever get bored. You can spend a day or two in the area or go ahead and spend a long portion of your trip in this New Zealand paradise.

Bay of Islands is one of the best summer destinations in the country—you don’t want to miss it.

  1. Waiheke Island

It’s vacation time. You want to sit back and enjoy, so why not visit one of New Zealand’s favorite spots for chilling? Waiheke Island is where people go to enjoy great food, sip on wine for as long as possible, and relax in a comfortable hotel. It’s a great spot to take a break from your campervan rental New Zealand as you pamper yourself for a few days. It’s beautiful, home to many vineyards, and you’ll be rewarded with fascinating views. Do it!

  1. Abel Tasman National Park

If you love walks or treks, beaches, and nature, then you will definitely want to put the Abel Tasman National Park on the map. It’s where adventure both on land and ocean can happen and where your hikes will reward you with unbelievable views. Whether you stay in a tent, sleep in a campervan, or rent local lodging, you won’t want to miss out on the night views of the sky. It’s simply beautiful.

  1. Gisborne

From learning more about Maori Culture to spending time surfing, Gisborne offers the best of many worlds for all kinds of travelers. It’s also a favorite spot for Chardonnay drinkers who can’t get enough of it. There are also many tours to do where you can either go cycling in nature or go explore the surrounding natural attractions.

You can hike the Kaiti Hill for great views of Gisborne or go tubing down rocks at Rere Rockslide. Don’t forget to check online for festivals that could be taking place during your time in the area.

  1. Hawke’s Bay

Another highly-known wine region of Australia, Hawke’s Bay offers you the chance to visit as many wineries as your heart pleases. It’s a great place to stop to enjoy gourmet food and wine festivals. Yet, not only can you enjoy sipping on some of the best Syrah and Pinot Noir around, but you will also be able to enjoy outdoor activities such as cycling the area, observing the beautiful architecture and of course hiking nearby mountains if you want to.

Wine, Adventure, and Beauty in NZ

There is a recurring theme on this list of summer destinations—wine. And, why not? Wine is a great way to enjoy summer and will definitely help you to relax, just make sure not to drink any while driving your campervan rental New Zealand. There are campgrounds spread throughout the country where you can park your vehicle for a low fee, so staying in a campervan is an excellent idea while getting to know the above cities.

From adventure in the Abel Tasman National Park to time spent drinking Australia’s best wines, a road trip in New Zealand will be one that you will never forget. While the above five places are great ideas for summertime fun, consider adding more amazing destinations to your road trip. There is plenty to see and do in what is quite possibly one of the most gorgeous countries in the world!