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Top 5 Entertaining Cars  

Can cars be entertaining? What does that even mean? Do you get out of your car and wonder if that experience was as good as seeing your favorite stand-up comedian? Do you just figure you never have to go to the movies again because you just drove around and felt just as satisfied as seeing your favorite flick? Entertaining in this sense of the word doesn't mean that you're necessarily going to feel like you went to a Broadway play, but these cars may provide you with a good story, fun way to pass the time or even a conversation starter.

  1. Tesla Model III

This car is an interesting vehicle in the making. Elon Musk has dominated the tech/innovation field for years, but even he didn't realize just how coveted his new affordable models would be. Receiving a kind of support he didn't originally think possible, thousands of people lined up on its sale debut to put $1,000 down for a Tesla that could be purchased for as little as $25,000. While he was planning to release these cars in 2018, it does not quite seem that he had production scaled to demand. So it will be interesting to say the least about how it all goes down.

  1. Cadillac XTS

While perhaps not as consistent as buyers may have liked across the years, this car came with its own 'free' iPad at one point. With a $45k price tag, it's true that some people probably think that it would have been far more fun to buy an iPad for much less and just use it in their junkier car. However, on those long car rides, there's no doubt that an iPad would make it much easier for both passengers and drivers to pass the time when they're absolutely tired of being in the car. It is definitely entertaining to play some videos while trying not to think about how your foot fell asleep.

  1. Honda Civic

A lot of cars have Bluetooth now, but Honda really does an excellent job at syncing up podcasts, playing music and keeping everything organized when you're on the road. With easy ways to control your entertainment from the steering wheel and a lot of options when it comes to choosing what you want from your phone, this is definitely an entertaining car disguised as boring and sensible.

  1. Bugatti Veyron

When you absolutely need to go 253 miles an hour, then this sports car is definitely for you. At that speed, if you're not entertained, then the truth is that nothing will be able to entertain you. Owned by Volkswagen and made for the elite, it runs a stiff million dollars though. So this one may not be in your future anytime soon.

  1. Your Car

From games to portable DVD players to your own conversation, any car can be entertaining. It's your personality and creativity that makes the difference, not necessarily the amount of gadgets or toys that come with the car. Instead of trying to find happiness anywhere else, look instead to what you already have.

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