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How to sell needless things?

Keeping your house in order is always a good thing. However, did you ever get into the closet to pull out some of your shirts, but instead you fished out a sweater that you have not worn for months? Alternatively, when dismantling your kitchen cupboards, did you ever stumble upon a breadmaker, which you used only once or twice? Or maybe your apartment is full of old unnecessary furniture, which you do not want to simply throw out? Now, it is time to turn the things that you no longer use into money. For example, you could get money for used phones and such.

So, let us say you have figured out what things in your house you are not using and you would like to sell them. Where should you begin?

Make it look appealing. If you would like to sell some of your clothes, it is worth washing and ironing them. In the case of old gadgets, they must be cleaned from dust and, if possible, you want to find the original packaging and all the necessary accessories. You should keep in mind that the better your product looks, the more people will want to buy it.

Take a picture. Take as many pictures as possible and avoid taking the same pictures. In addition, it is advisable to photograph all the flaws of the thing you want to sell - this will help you avoid misunderstanding when meeting potential buyers. By the way, it is desirable to photograph clothing when a person is wearing it while also taking pictures of some noteworthy details, for example, beautiful buttons or unusual pockets. If you want to sell a sofa, take photos of it when it is assembled and disassembled. The general rule is that the number of photographs of one thing should not exceed 3-4 pieces.

Retouch the photos. Do not get carried away with Photoshop, though, but let the thing in the picture look the same way as in real life. You should just make the image size suitable for posting on the Internet. In general, the image size  should not exceed more than 500 pixels.

Come up with ad description. It should be concise, but it should also provide some comprehensive information about the thing you are selling, its key features, the date of purchase, the intensity of use, the cost and reason why you are selling it. For gadgets, it is a good idea to provide a link to the manufacturers website. If you are selling a computer, you can get some inspiration by checking out some used computers for sale and their description.

Post your ad. We recommend you use some classified ads website. Most such websites require that you sign up first before you can post an unlimited number of ads. There are also some Internet auctions, where you can indicate a starting price for your item and wait for the end of the auction. This might be useful if you do not know how much your item costs.