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How to protect intellectual property?

Do you have any unique inventions, techniques or ideas which you intend to protect from illegal copying and usage? Since protecting your IP is of crucial importance for your business and prosperity we will increase your awareness on this matter and give you the overall idea about the ways you can do it.

First of all, let’s define what the term intellectual property (IP) suggests and which types of the IP exist. IP refers to unique creation of humans for which exclusive rights are recognized.

What can be patented?

Innovators, artists and businessmen are granted with special rights to a variety of intangible assets for a specific period of time.

For example:

The category of inventors Description
Artists are granted copyrights on artistic, dramatic, literary and musical works for their creations
Business owners are granted exclusive rights on the usage of their trademarks and geographical indications, established by them
Innovators are granted protection for their patents, industrial designs, trade secrets, innovations

Simply speaking the all these kinds of patent are a monopoly, which the Government grants to the inventors for a definite period of time (on average for 20 years) for the exclusive right to make, use, sell, import and commercially exploit a new invention. Other people can also gain the rights to use invention freely when the patent expires.

What are the basic criteria to register a patent?

Actually there are three basic criteria according to which you may decide that you really need a law support group:

  • The invention must be new, it means that it should not be publically available before you have the first patent filed; the applicant has to be the inventor himself or his or her assignee;
  • The invention must show inventive ingenuity, the idea of the invention shouldn’t be clear and obvious for people, knowledgeable and skilled in this particular area;
  • The invention must function properly and accurately, if not – it can’t be patentable.

Main types of protection

As you can see the way you may protect IP depends on the type of the property you possess, so generally speaking you may obtain such types of protection:

  • Patents
  • Copyright
  • Trademarks

The process of filing the patent, copyright protection and trademark registration is rather complex and sophisticated. For this very reason it may be difficult or event impossible to do it for inexperienced people who don’t have qualification. If you require support, you can hire an IP attorney, who can help you go through the procedure easily and successfully.

Some people still prefer to do everything on their own, without consulting with specialists. It is up to you to decide, but bear in mind such disadvantaged and obstacles you may face during the process of patent filing:

  • Time – you will have to spend loads of hours while reading, writing and creating drawing;
  • Writing – you are supposed to be knowledgeable in arcane terminology and have strong writing skills in order to compound the paper precisely and accurately;
  • Planning – don’t forget about deadlines, you should perform everything on time at the same time you should manage the whole project from the very beginning to the end.