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The process of Bone Marrow transplant explained

There are a number of people who suffer from killing and serious conditions of blood cancer including sickle cell anemia, lymphoma and leukemia. Apart from these, there are a number of other conditions that may be considered as being life threatening for humans. One most effective ways to fight these conditions may be having a bone marrow transplant including BMT (Cord blood or Bone Marrow blood).

You also need to keep in mind that there a thousands of people around the globe who are always willing to donate the blood cells for any patient who is in need to such surgery. To effectively donate blood cells you may have to get registered well ahead in advance.

Bone Marrow Transplant

You have to keep in mind that bone marrow transplant cost in india in general is very much expensive. The condition is related to maintaining healthy blood cells within your marrow. The moment any person is affected by this condition then it is certain that his marrow may not function the way it would normally.

In such cases, just replacing the old dying blood or cord cells with new one is the only bets option available. There are a number of people around the globe form whom this is the only option available to stay alive.

When undergoing this transplant the surgeon would take healthy blood cells from one of the donors blood stream and inject it into the blood stream of the patient. The blood cells injected will grow into the new and healthy blood cells. They will get started with producing healthy RBC, WBC and platelets.

In case any patient has to undergo this therapy then it is certain that he or she may have to take heavy dosage of Chemotherapy. The cells are transplanted into the blood stream of the patient using the intravenous tubes.

Getting the healthy blood cells

To perform the transplant the healthy cells have to be donated from a donor. Cost of bone marrow transplant in India can be very much high, but some institutes offer with subsidized cost. The cells are generally taken from the adult donor. You can also try and approach the blood storage unit that are open for general public.

Autologous transplant

This is the process when the doctors makes use of healthy cells taken from the patient itself. The cells are kept in store after being collected from the patients blood stream. So if you are suffering from certain diseases then this type of transplant is made use of as treatment.

Allogenic transplant

Under this type of transplant the donor can be one of the family members of the patient or an unrelated donor. The transplant is taken from the umbilical cord. In case the donor is related to the patient then it is termed as related donor type of transplant or vice versa.

In general, a doctor would only recommend the above mentioned two types depending on the condition of the patient. In most cases it is seen that within the family members the blood cells may not exactly match for the patients.