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Pregnancy test kit results are 99% accurate..!

Yes, you heard it right. Test results from a pregnancy kit are as good as 99% accurate, even more! You may have some apprehensions about these over-the-counter kits but you should not, as experts have confirmed they are more than accurate. So, if you suspect you’re pregnant, you can then use the kit and get confirmed at home itself.

With such kits, the need to visit a doctor is gone as women across the world now have freedom to know their pregnancy status right at the comfort of their home. Pregnancy kits are available with instructions, which you can follow and get sure about whether you’re pregnant or not. There is no rocket-science involved as the test is simple and anyone can do it.

How a pregnancy kit works?

Well, the kit is basically created to detect the amount of hCG hormone in urine (human chorionic gonadotrophin). The presence of the hormone will ensure that the woman taking the trust is pregnant.

The working of the pregnancy kit is simple -

  • If someone is pregnant, the fetus will produce the hCG hormone
  • The levels of the hormone go up as the pregnancy advances
  • The hormone level reaches to the peak at around 8-11 weeks
  • The hormone then starts dropping to a lower level at 12 and 16 weeks
  • The kit is developed to detect the hCG levels as low as 10 to 25 mlU/ml
  • A good kit can detect around 25 mlU after 10 days of the ovulation
  • A pregnant woman can expect to detect around 50mlU after 12 days past ovulation
  • If someone take the test past 14 days ovulation, she can get the levels of 100mIU

Things to know about test kits and results for pregnancy

Test kits have definitely brought a revolution to the way women check their pregnancy status. Since the results are mostly accurate, there can’t be a better way to give freedom to women. There are however a few things ladies should know about the kits and results in particularly to benefit from the technology.

  • The test kit is rarely wrong so repeating the test is key if anyone gets the negative results despite experience pregnancy symptoms
  • Negative results may also come when the test is taken in the very early stage of pregnancy as the insufficient amount of hCG in urine is hard to detect
  • Although taking the test at any time of the day is advised, the best results happen when it’s done in the morning when the hCG levels are most concentrated in urine
  • The best time to take the test is after the first day of the missed period but you can also use a pregnancy test kit as early as six days past ovulation
  • Right after taking the home test, women should go ahead with a blood test to get 100% confirmation and then take the right course of action afterwards
  • The pregnancy kits are easily available at chemists and you should buy the one that is from a reputed maker for superior results and convenience.