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Now Access Live airline Flight Cancellation Statistics

Suppose God Forbid, a major Snow storm is expected to hit your city or to the city you are planning to go. And the airline has cancelled several flights from the morning. Your flight is scheduled in the evening of the same day. Cancellations will certainly give you a headache and will make you anxious to know the stats of flights scheduled for the day.

There are several- real time score boards which provide you live airline flight cancellation statistics. These are called flight tracking services. This data is provided to live airline flight cancellation tracking services by arrival airport, departure airport and airline.

Once you will select an access point, it will show you a list of all the cancelled flights with the number of the flights. You are provided statistics about cancelled flights for the current day, preceding two days and two days ahead. You can even access a list of all the flights cancelled in the past week

There are some flight tracking services which give you info about delayed and  cancelled back 30 days by departure airport, arrival airport and airline.  You will get access to a graph that enables you to compare delays and cancellation back one month. Some of the flight tracking services does not provide specific info about specific flight cancellations. Data about specific cancelled flights is provided by a very few flight tracking services. The Live airline flight cancellation statistics can be accessed anytime except during bad weathers.

Real time score boards to know Flight delays and cancellation & Flight cancellation UK

If you are living in United Kingdoms, there are real time score boards which help you in tracking Flight delays and cancellation & Flight cancellation UK statistics round the clock. These real time score boards can provide you statistics of cancelled flights 30 days back. You can use these statistics to claim compensation from Airline. Many people are unaware about it that they are eligible for compensation if the airlines delays or cancels their flight. And this compensation will be provided to the passenger by the airline.

Criterion for Airline Compensation in case of Flight delays and cancellation & Flight cancellation UK

If airline delays or cancels a flight in UK, there is certain criteria to claim the compensation. After proper assessment of EC guidelines, if you think that you are eligible for the compensation, you can claim a compensation of 250-600 euro per passenger.  You can take the help of Flight compensation checkers to verify whether you are eligible for compensation.


  1. Plane should Land within or take off from the EU
  2. Flight should be with companies in EU countries
  3. Delay by more than 3 hours
  4. Reasons for cancellation other than adverse weather conditions
  5. Flight not delayed by Air traffic management decision

Flight information arrivals- know flight status in near real time

Live airline flight cancellation real time score boards help Passengers to track flight cancellation status in real time. It reports both run way and gate times. It utilizes sources in airports, Government and reservation systems etc to collect statistics about Flight delays and cancellation & Flight cancellation UK.

Live airline flight cancellation gather minute by minute info and prepares a list of this data. You have to register yourself first and then only you can track flight frequently and provides excellent codeshare mapping, calculates on-time performance rating for flights and airlines.