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Men's retro 70s shirts set to make a comeback

The 70s was a big decade for fashion and one that remains iconic for its bold prints, bright fabrics and imaginative styles. Whether you love or hate the era, it is hard not to admit that it was one that brought us some of the biggest trends; now, some of these are coming back!

Men’s silk shirts inspired by the 70s are a new fashion trend, with shiny, patterned shirts that whisk you straight back to the era of beehives and the Bee Gees everywhere.

Silk success

Just about everything retro is cool again, from boomboxes to record players. It is therefore no surprise that retro fashions are also hot news.

Hot on the heels of the PJ trend, which saw men donning shirts that would have traditionally been worn in bed, come swagged-out silk shirts reminiscent of the 70s. Unlike the more classic mens Farah shirts from stockists such as, these silk shirts are eye catching, loud and proud, and make a major fashion statement.

Many have applauded the return of these shirts, saying that silk suits the modern man and that this fabric has been around for decades. It may only now be becoming popular again; however, if we consider the fact that ties, boxers and socks have all been made in this fabric, the flowing shirt simply makes sense.

On-trend considerations

Feminine associations aside, there is a certain panache needed to pull off a silk shirt and not resemble a drug dealer or like you have just rolled out of bed. Designers have taken these factors into consideration and incorporated bold print, 70s-style motifs and bright colours into their lines, transforming the silk shirt and making it completely wearable.

Louis Vuitton has led the way with a collection of shirts inspired by artists from the 70s, 80s and 90s that pays homage to creatives such as Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Other designers have taken on the trend and used rich autumnal hues in their collections, ensuring a feeling of opulence without excess.

It is safe to say that the silk shirt trend will have its fans and foes. If you decide to embrace it, wear your shirts with a well-cut pair of trousers or jeans to create the ultimate laid-back, stylish look.