iPhone 9 Release Date and Everything you Need to Know About it - General News
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iPhone 9 Release Date and Everything you Need to Know About it

iPhone is one such product that has become an epitome of best-grade technology and status symbol all around the world. iPhone is a line of smartphones that was a breakthrough in the field of mobile phones and electronics. The 1st ever iPhone of the First Generation was launched on 29 June 2007. iPhone holds around 43.6% share of the total of the smartphone market. The latest iPhone is iPhone 7 that was launched last year on 7 September 2016. People everywhere across the globe are so obsessed with iPhone that they are going crazy and curious to know about the next generation iPhones. iPhone lovers are curious to know when will iPhone 8 and iPhone 9 be released. You can understand the level of frenzy as iPhone 8 hasn’t been released yet, but people want to know about the Apple iPhone release date. To slake the curiosity of iPhone fans, here is the possible iPhone 9 release date, likely features and specifications. Have a look!

iPhone 9: Release Date

First of all, let’s talk about the iPhone 9 release date. If we look upon the release dates of the latest iPhones right from iPhone 5 to iPhone 7, all these have been launched in the month of September, i.e. Quarter-4. Therefore, iPhone 8 and iPhone 9 are very likely to be released in Quarter-4 of 2017 and 2018 respectively.

iPhone 9 Release Date: Quarter-4 in 2018 (Possibly)

iPhone 9:Possible Features and Specifications

Moving on to the likely features and specifications of Apple iPhone 9, there are many possibilities. Since iPhone 9 will probably be released in 2018, newer specifications and technology would have been embedded in the Apple classic. As of now, no specific image of iPhone 9 is available, everything is just speculated and expected.

It is very much possible that iPhone 9 will be based on 5G Technology. Talking about the screen and size, the display screen of iPhone 9 will perhaps be around 5 to 5.5 inches corning, retina display. While we speak about iPhone, we can never forget about its camera as it is one of its prime features. It is quite likely that the primary camera of iPhone 9 will be of 14 Megapixels, and the front facing camera will be of around 4 Megapixels. Camera features will also include optical image stabilization, have 3D-4K resolution, and have other features such as Face Detection, Auto Focus, and Live Photo.

Speaking about thestorage capacity and processor of iPhone 9, there are good chances that iPhone 9 will be available in different memory options, i.e. 32, 64, 128, and 256 GB. The processor to be used in iPhone 9 will be A-11 Chipset. It would be powered with iOS 12 that could be further upgraded to iOS 13+.

One of the most important things about iPhone 9 is- at what price will it be available? Let’s unveil it here. As per the previous statistics and specifications, iPhone 9 will be available at a price of US $1200 to US $1500.

No wonder how excited we all are for iPhone 9, all we could do is wait. Hence, keep on waiting!