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I Hear Footsteps – When You are Walking Home Alone Late at Night

"If you live directly in a large city you likely may end up walking to many more places than if you lived anywhere else. There are many times where it may just be easier to walk the few blocks that you need to to get to your destination than it is to take a bus, the train or even a cab. There is a big difference though between doing this in the daylight and doing it late at night. Whether you are walking in the city, a small town or even on a college campus there is something about walking alone late at night that can be downright scary.


The Real Threats

When you do walk home by yourself late at night, even if it is only a short distance, there are still real threats out there to you that you need to be aware of, particularly if you are a woman all alone. You never really know who is out there around you or walking on the streets with you at that time of night and it is not always easy to see everything that might be going on. To make matters worse, many people today are not really paying close attention while they are taking this walk, getting wrapped up in listening to music or talking on their phones, which makes them less aware of what is going on around them and an easy target.

The Imagined Threats

While there are many real risks that you might face when walking home alone, there are also times where you may let your imagination get the better of you. Perhaps you have not seen anybody at all for a particular stretch of your walk but you could swear you keep hearing footsteps behind you or that you keep catching a glimpse of something in the shadows as you walk along. There may not be anything at all there for you to be concerned about but your imagination does not believe that for one second as you continually think about what might be lurking out there to grab you.


Play it Safe

The fact is that, whether you are a man or a woman, you do want to be careful when walking late at night. It is always a good idea to walk with a group of friends or at least with one buddy alongside of you to make sure everything is okay. If you do not have anyone to walk with and are nervous about the walk there are always alternate modes of transportation. Even many college campuses today offer nighttime transportation options for those that do not want to walk alone.


You can always look at taking a bus, train or cab instead of walking so that you can get home quicker and safer. Another option for you is to invest in your own reliable vehicle so you can simply drive yourself, avoiding the potential problems altogether. You can find all kinds of car options available to you when you look at what is available from your local Nissan Valencia dealership. Check out the new and used cars you can find at www.downtownnissan.com so you can find a car that is in your price range and suits you perfectly so you do not have to walk home alone at night anymore.