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Samsung Galaxy-S7

Here it is: Samsung galaxy s7

We've been through it lots - the Samsung Galaxy S5, as all Galaxy S's before it, had a user-replaceable battery, and therefore the S6 did not, that sucks. Not solely that, it really had a smaller battery than the model it replaced.

The main part of that story doesn't appear to be prone to change, as outline limitations have been constraining makers to seal batteries inside gadgets, not simply cell phones. Indeed, good thing then, that Samsung really fitted a higher limit power pack inside the Galaxy S7  than it did in the S6. It is, actually, the most squeezes a vanilla Galaxy S-arrangement model has had - claim to fame releases like the S6 active and S6 edge+ don't check. Galaxy S8 would be the next exciting release.

The Galaxy S7 has a 3,000mAh battery, which is the most that 5-inch (or thereabout) smart phones have these days, matched by the latest Xiaomi Mi 5.

It's what the Galaxy S7 does with its 3,000 milliamp hours that really matters, however, as we've seen a lot of amazing spec sheets that couldn't move into sensible battery life. So as normal we completed our variety of battery tests.

The Galaxy S7 does exceptionally well, essentially. Beginning with voice calls once again a 3G system, the S7 can outlive the greater part of the above (well, we can't make sure about the Mi 5 and G5 just yet). What's more, and still, at the end of the day, it's the Galaxy S6 that comes nearest, not one of the contending brands.

The emerging and enchanted attribute of wireless charging introduced in any of the Samsung smart phones for the first time ever, makes S7 a level-up in the race of mobile phones owing this dazzling hallmark. No need to get bound to the wire stuck to wall and waiting for your phone to feed the power in.

Samsung's most recent almost hit the 15-hour mark in video playback, an outcome the rest here can't long for approaching. The S6 sets up a similarity of a battle, however is dead in around 12 hours, and the iPhone 6s can't make it to 11 hours.  Galaxy S8 is the next exciting release to watch out for. We hope you liked the article we would be updating when there are more rumors on these upcoming smartphones in the industry till then keep visiting our site and check for more latest updates that are happening around the web regularly. These are just rumors around the web there is no confirmation about the same from the company as there is any clarification from the company in this regard we will keep you updated on the same matter as early as possible. If you liked this article share this  with your friends.

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