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Gastric bypass surgery: Know the benefits

There exist several weight loss procedures and programs these days than what was present few decades ago. Even though undergoing sleeve gastrectomy surgery has been stated to be an expensive procedure, industry experts consider it to be among the most reliable and safest weight loss procedures. As a matter of fact, it is among the newest procedures, targeting people with 50+ body mass index. It is equally best for those patients experiencing various types of health complications like anemia. Such surgical type is regarded to be a process where the patient’s stomach size gets permanently reduced. It also helps to reduce weight. This is achieved by reducing the quantity of food that is consumed at any particular moment.

About sleeve gastrectomy surgery

The experienced and talented gastric bypass doctors in India state that it is possible for anyone to lose her/his initial body weight to about 35% by undergoing this type of surgery. This procedure essential is performed laparoscopically with the patient being given local anesthesia. Around 4-5 small lacerations are created in the abdomen by the surgeon. Then several instruments and a tiny camera are inserted within the body. The purpose of the camera is to have a better close look for establishing where stapling can be performed.

Post surgery instructions

This surgery is not as complicated as it is assumed to be by patients. The weight loss specialist in India are sure to provide their patients with proper instructions about what needs to be done and avoided both before and after surgery. Following the expert instruction is of utmost importance as it helps the person to recover quickly and to enjoy the huge benefits offered by this surgery.

On completion of the surgical process, the person is just allowed to consume water for the initial 24 hours. The purpose to drink only water is to make sure that any kind of digestion complication is not experienced. Once this stage has been passed through successfully, the patient is next recommended to be on strict liquid diet for about couple of days. After this period, he/she will be permitted to consume semi-solid foods for some period, until they are fit enough to consume normal diet.

The major disadvantage noticed in this surgery type is the procedure is not reversible. After the stomach has abridged, it will not be possible to enlarge to normal size.

Benefits of the procedure

The benefit to be enjoyed by undergoing this procedure is its being one time process. There is no need to have it repeated again during the lifetime. Removing the stomach completely eliminates the chances of the person suffering again from severe hunger bouts in the near future. This procedure does involve some money, but the hospitals in the country are quite affordable. It is for this reason, patients from all over the world are visiting to enjoy getting back to their normal shape. Moreover, the affordable packages offered by the leading hospitals here is what has been attracting medical tourists in thousands.