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EyeEm on Android: Get Paid for Your Photos

If you have a mobile phone with camera, chances are you have captured a photo or two (or probably more) of yourself posted on popular social media sites. Nowadays, it is widely known as a“selfie.”

People on social media, like Facebook and Instagram, have most likely uploaded pictures taken from their phones. Every day, millions of people put their photos online and get nothing for it except, maybe for some, a moment of fame (with the exception of celebrities, of course).

On EyeEm, that is not just the case. You turn your hopes of that brief little fame and exposure, plus the chance to get paid if your photos get chosen by people who want to buy it, into reality. You do not have to be a professional photographer to get your pictures selling like a valuable piece of art. All you need is your keen eyes to look for a perfect angle or moment and then whip out your handy-dandy camera phone and voila! Your next picture might be the one thing that will bring you to fame and earn you real money for it.

So what exactly is EyeEm?

EyeEm was co-founded by CEO Florian Meissner, (CTO) RamziRizk, Gen Sadakane, and Lorenz Aschoff in Berlin, Germany. It was earlier released only for iPhones around 2010 for emerging and established photographers of any abilities, skills and talents to showcase their best photography on its dedicated websites. It was later released on Android and other online mobile platformsby 2011. They collaborated with Getty Images in 2014 through a distribution deal. They currently have around 18 million photographers worldwide with 70 million photos available online being sold every day.

Community of Creative

Inside the EyeEm app, you will find all sorts of photographers and their best photography showcasing all sorts of talent and creativity. Find or be found by people all over the globe. They even offer tips and tricks on how to get the best shot, editing like a proor even advice on how to get your creation sell in no time. Learn from the best and knowledgeable people with good eyes for breathtakingor meaningful scenery.Different insights from your fellow aspiring and well-known artists can improve and widen your point of view.

See and learn how they do it. You can choose to apply some of their techniques to your already promising craft. May you be a hobbyist or an enthusiast; everyone is entitled to learn from others as they offer different knowledge and style.

Tools to enhance you work

The app also has in-builtfilters for every cam-style, exposure correction and lots of free photo editing tools to satisfy your craving for perfection. They give you the power to edit and re-edit your work anytime you feel like you could give it some enhancement. Basically, the sky of your own craft is the limit. And because EyeEm wants the best quality of the photos you upload, they make sure every pixel and every byte are intact once you click that upload button on your screen.

They have the technology to filter all the best photography that is uploaded to their system, so everybody gets a fair share of exposure and can get noticed.

Get rewarded while having fun!

Every week,EyeEmhosts competitions, missions, collections and galleries to display all the chosen photos for the world to see –giving you a chance to be discovered and get published by some leading agencies, brands and media outlets. Every member can take part by simply using related keywords along with their uploaded photos.

That feeling, after you sold your photo for the first time online,leaves you ecstatic. Getting paid for doing the things you like, love or are passionate about is priceless because you have nothing to lose. If you are doing it on Facebook and Instagram, why not do it here too?

You have the absolute freedom whetheryou want to sell your photos or just display it for zest andfun. In EyeEm, you can license or copyright your entireupload, and get recognized for it.

Sometimes, we choose our phones because of its camera’s hardware. At times,we love seeing ourselves on those square-framed still shots because it makes us feel good about ourselves. That’s because we like the idea that there is an artist inside of us, or that we love capturing the beauty around us. Perhaps, the cornerstone is the love for one’s self. Whatever reason that drives you to the world of photography, I advise you to take part and take advantage of what EyeEm offers. Anyhow, you will be the one choosing which photo to post publicly and which would be kept private for your own viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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