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Experience the Wonderful Borneo Nature

As if you have opportunity to have short vacation into the place you have never been before, you should list Borneo Island on the first place, no matter what. Of course, you need to come visit by yourself to understand why, yet with the fascinating nature experience such as Sukau Rainforest as the highlight of the wonderful Borneo nature lodge, it will become a memorable experience. Located in the third largest island in the world, Borneo has fascinating destination you have to visit, such as virgin rainforest habitat, also known as the oldest in the world, and also the region with highest biodiversity in the world. As information, the wonderful Borneo nature has already recognized by National Geography, and crowned as the world’s winner of Unique Lodge. So, curious enough with wildlife habitat and species you are going to meet there?

In order to experience more natural appearance of Borneo Island in your short-time vacation, it will be better to enroll yourself into any tour package. You know, in case you do not want to miss any tourist destination since you do not know where to go at first. However, here are itinerary recommendations to begin your exploration in ease.

  • Day 1

In case you only have 2-day vacation, it will be easier to divide the trip into two. By then, the first day of trip begin with a half an hour drive to Sepilok where the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre located. In this place, you will experience to meet with any injured any orphaned Orang Utan being nurtured before they are strong enough to be returned back to the wildlife. This rehabilitation center is also a fine showcase about the virgin rainforest habitat. During the noon, take 2.5 hour drive to the wonderful Borneo Nature Lodge for energy replenishment by having a delightful food from local restaurant. This lodge placed side by side to the Kinabatangan River, the longest river in Sabah, where you can enjoy your leisure time next to the virgin rainforest habitat.

  • Day 2

Begin the trip to infamous place with edible birds’ nests, the Gomantong Cave. You can walk through the boardwalk for about 15 minutes, to SimudHitam cavern. In this place, you can explore more about the cave system. For lunch, you can visit any local restaurant as pit stop to fulfil your savoring taste buds. There are also a lot of landmarks located in Sandakan, such as Central Market, Sim-Sim Water Village, PuhJihSyh Buddhist Temple, and also Agnes Keith House.

As you will understand why, there are numerous panoramic view placed in Borneo Island to enrich your experience about the beautiful view of Indonesia. In the other hand, you can also satisfy your taste buds by enjoying various kinds of local foods, such as fresh seafood every time. However, do you know about the book titled Land Below, Wind and White Man Returns written by Agnes Keith? Well, these books written in Borneo Island, specifically in Agnes Keith House which today, turned as heritage house to look up the past memories.