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Experience A Sky Full of Stars in Bangalore

Yes, we all know that Bangalore is a concrete jungle now. It is a stark contrast of what it used to be before. It used to be called as a the “Garden City”, now it is termed famously as the “Silicon City” because of all the information technology companies that have come and set up offices here. Residents of Bangalore who were here before the information technology revolution will know the real Bangalore where nature used to overshadow the manmade structures. Even in this current Bangalore, you can still experience some breath taking natural beauty and relive the old days of Bangalore. One of these natural beauties that you can witness is a sky full of stars from the outskirts of Bangalore.

For this experience of a sky full of stars, you need to go on overnight camping near Bangalore. There are several such trips that you can be a part of around Bangalore.

Why Overnight Trips?

Since Bangalore is a very populated place with a lot of industry as well as vehicles on the roads, you can expect a high amount of pollution. Because of this high amount of pollution in the city of Bangalore, stars are not really visible very clearly in the night sky. You need to go on an overnight trip outside of Bangalore to enjoy the beautiful sky full of stars. There are several such overnight trips around Bangalore, some of the best are mentioned here –

Nishanimotte Trek and Night Camping

If you love nature and want to experience nature around Bangalore first hand, then you need to go on the Nishanimotte Trek and Night Camping. This is one of the best and most renowned camping experiences that you can have around Bangalore. The trek is about 335 KM from Bangalore and lasts for a range of 13-14km near Talcauvery, which is the birthplace of the famous river Cauvery. The literal conversion to the local language implies – the head of the river Cauvery.

When: 28 May 2017 8:00PM

By Whom: Nature Walkers  Follow

Place: Nishanimotte (Outside Bangalore) , Bangalore - 30315 Mins (Approx)

Cost: Rs 3599

KabbalDurga Night Trek

The KabbalDurga Night Trek is a more adventurous trek that is situated at a distance of 70km from Bangalore along the Kanakpura Road. The end point of this amazing experience is a temple that is renowned in the area of Kanakpura. It is a rocky road trek, so be sure to have good trekking equipment to make the most of it. The temple is home to the KabbalLamma goddess who is thought of to be a very powerful goddess.

When: Apr 2017 11:00AM

By Whom: Quest Adventures  Follow

Place: KabbalDurga (Outside Banglore) , Bangalore - 30315 Mins (Approx)

Cost: Rs 1199

Therefore, you have just learn about a few good night treks in and around Bangalore which will give you an opportunity to have a look at a sky full of stars which is not a common sight in the city of Bangalore. Make the most of it and spend a majestic weekend.