Existence of anabolic steroids in the UK - General News
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Existence of anabolic steroids in the UK

The use of anabolic androgenic and performance-enhancing drugs is not limited to the bodybuilders and athletes. Men in the UK are progressively using these steroids to build muscle, burn body fat and improve their athletic performance. Steroids in the UK fall under the category of Class C controlled substances, which means it is not an offense to own them but manufacturing, supplying and exporting them is illegal without a license. Buying them online and shipping them to the UK is also considered illegal. These controlled substances come with side-effects that negate the benefits of bigger and stronger muscles. Most of the steroids in the UK are obtained from underground labs and the black market.

Anabolic steroids are the drugs that enhance muscle mass and reduce body fat. Some of the athletes, bodybuilders and weightlifters regularly take them for improving their physical performance. However, according to the NHS, we know that men of all ages misuse these anabolic compounds. Adolescent boys suffering from body dysmorphia or anxiety disorder tend to abuse them to enhance their looks. Young men take them when they feel they are not strong enough physically. It is well-known fact that anabolic steroids have a number of benefits, medically and performance-oriented but too much of these drugs can lead to harmful side-effects. Therefore, they must be used as prescribed by the doctors.

Widely used steroids in the UK

Anadrol is a powerful and widely used steroid for muscle gain and strength. It is the trade name of the hormone Oxymetholone and has a high anabolic rating of 320. It is sold online and available on the black market under various names. Many bodybuilders and athletes use Anavar in the UK for lean muscle mass. This steroid was once used for treating trauma, osteoporosis, muscle-wasting disease and chronic infections that help patients to gain weight post-surgery. This drug is also used by the female bodybuilders due to the low virilization effects. It is a non-legal steroid in the UK.

Clenbuterol is another drug that has not yet received the approval of the United States FDA. The FDA believes that other effective drugs are available that can treat asthma. This drug is available in some countries without a prescription. In the bodybuilding area in the UK, it is used by the athletes for pre-contest preparation. Dianabol is another top-selling anabolic steroid in the UK among the bodybuilding community. This drug was specifically created for athletic enhancement and muscle gain. This compound is known to enhance protein synthesis in muscles, promote nitrogen retention, stimulate androgen receptors and increase muscle size and gain.

Real Steroids in the UK

The methods used for counterfeiting the steroids have become quite common in the recent years. Earlier, it was easy to locate the fake products because the steroids were low in circulation. Access to the pharmaceutical grade drugs is not so easy, therefore the underground production of them have increased. The drugs sold at pharmacies bear the information of the manufacturer and the logo. Other drugs are not of high-grade and less likely to be effective. According to the NHS, to know the real steroids in the UK you need to check the label and see the markings to know if they are dissimilar in some or the other way.