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Everything you want to know about QuickBooks Hosting services

Many service providers recommend using QuickBooks hosting services on their servers. The service is provided via cloud infrastructure. It is possible to perform any type of accountings using this service. Apart from this the data can also be accessed at convenience. This feature helps boost the performance for customers. And increase productivity.

Reliability and uptime factor

When using Hosted QuickBooks you can always ensure to get 99.9 % uptime along with highest measures of security. Apart from this you also get to use 128 Bit encryption and its unique architecture that is multi-tiered. It makes use of SOC tier IV datacenter for maximum data security. One main benefit here is that your files and data are backed up every 24 hours in different locations to ensure that all your data is always secured and well protected.

Other specs

QuickBooks hosting offer users with economical monthly plan. Apart from this you just don’t have to worry about paying setup fee. All this is offered along with 24 X 7 support system and multi site replication of data. Data authentication is also offered at dual levels adding to more security factor. Apart from offering data back it also offers you with free 3rd party integration.

When planning to use this service you have a selection of selecting from Standard or basic level plans as per your requirements and convenience. Users can also make the selection from five different server plans available starting from Basic to premium plans.

Pros factors

  • When using it for the first time you can also make use of its trial offer or introduction pack.
  • It offers users with a very affordable price factor.
  • Support system and reliability can always be trusted.
  • It offers users of specific industries with custom solutions

Con factors

  • You have to make your selection from hosting plans available.
  • Even if control panel is very easy to navigate and use still you may not find tutorial offered.


Even if every enterprise requires different solutions QuickBooks Hosting offers with more customized features for users. A lot also depends on your enterprise and customer type and also your targeting niche. Quick Books offers with perfect service that is in fact suitable for most business owners online. Apart from this if you are never sure of your decision then it is always wise to try and go through few reviews written by satisfied users. If you are looking around for basic features then this is the right option for you.