How to Deal With Cyber Bullying? - General News
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How to Deal With Cyber Bullying?

Around three-fourth of the world is now using the internet. The social media helps you to connect with people living in distant places and is also a great platform for growing businesses. However, with the advantages, you have the side effects as well. One such serious problem of the social media platform is Cyber Bullying. It is seen that one out of five children, teenagers or adolescent become a victim of cyber bullying almost each day. It refers to molesting, teasing or blackmailing any person via videos, messages or emails over the internet.

You, as parents must be alarmed of these situations faced by your children. Whenever your children inform you about this problem, you must instantly report these activities to the cyber crime. You must be extra protective when your kids are exposed to the social interactions largely. With the help of keylogger free, you can secretly monitor the cell phones of your children. This facility also helps you to keep an eye on the online activities and chats with your kids.

The Abilities of Keylogger:

  • It is a powerful tool.
  • It is able to operate secretly and listen to all the activities that are going on in the target person’s cell phone.
  • It keeps a record of all the URLs that has been surfed by the user along with the titles of the site.
  • It also provides you with the log all the calls along with the record of all the conversations.
  • You can monitor any kind of text messages on social chatting applications like Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp including SMS and MMS.
  • If the user at any point of time changes his or her SIM card then also the keylogger software notifies you.
  • You can even block unwanted software and access to unfit URLs, which you think, is not good for your children.
  • It also has the ability to compress screenshots and saves it on the hard disk of your computer.
  • Location tracking is another useful feature of the android keylogger.

This is the best way in which you can keep a track of all the activities of your children and save them from going into dangers. You must know whether your teenage girl is having a conversation with some unknown person over the social media or sharing her details with the person. If you monitor her activities, you can immediately put a check on her.

Children today have become sophisticated and you do not know what they are doing behind the closed doors with their smartphones. With a reliable application like Hoverwatch, you can be tension free. Just sign up for free at their official site, then download, and install the application. After this, you are ready to track all the details from the web remotely. So, protect your children from dangerous activities like cyber bullying so that they have a bright future ahead.