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A comprehensive pain relief system – just for you!

Moov has the full package of benefits when it comes to muscle and joint pain relief. Have you experienced its wonders yet?

The rush of modern life leaves us all vulnerable to pain in some part of the body or another. Since most of us are extremely busy all day, we do not realise the tremendous strain we put your bodies under. The body takes a lot of pressure from overwork, exercise, wrong posture, poor diet and fast paced lifestyles. It soon responds with several aches and pains all over the body.

At the very least, pain is a sign that the body needs to rest and recoup. At its worst, it can stop you in your tracks and make mobility difficult. However, you can banish pain from your life if you have Moov cream and spray to help!

Moov cream for a restful night and complete pain relief

Millions of people are devoted fans of Moov cream for years now. This is because it provides comprehensive pain relief that other creams or ointments cannot. While most other creams are barely able to even penetrate inside the skin, Moov pain relief cream does so easily because it is a non-sticky, light formulation. Upon application, you need to rub it gently into the skin so that it gets absorbed. After this, you just need to rest the painful area and let the cream do its job.

Moov cream penetrates deep inside the skin and reaches the painful tissues surrounding the hurt muscle or joint. Its unique formulation neutralises the inflammation that causes pain and soreness. Pretty soon, you begin to feel the pain lifting and the tension in the area dissipating slowly. Moov pain relief cream works best when you apply it after cooling the injured area with an ice pack to subdue the pain. Apply Moov cream just before going to bed, so that sleep and the cream together can heal the pain and make it go away by the time you wake up again.

Apply Moov cream on a sprained ankle, a strained back or even a painful joint. Just one application is enough to reduce the pain to a large extent. Repeated use of Moov cream will keep most pains and aches away for long.

Moov spray for fast acting pain relief

Moov spray is formulated from the same ingredients as Moov pain relief cream – wintergreen oil, eucalyptus oil, mint leaf extract and turpentine oil. The spray is in liquid form and is dispensed in convenient bottles with a spraying head. Whenever you feel stiffness, soreness or pain in any part of the body, simply spray the painful area and let the skin absorb the liquid. Once the liquid is absorbed, it goes straight to the site of the pain and pulls out the fluid that causes inflammation and pain. Meanwhile, its unique formulation also causes a numbing effect that neutralises the pain, so that you can get on with your daily life.

Moov pain relief spray is a handy helper when you are prone to stress-related pain, or pain arising from overwork or an injury that is on the road to recovery. Just keep a bottle of Moov spray in your exercise bag or handbag, and use it whenever required on clean skin. It is best used for sharp shooting pains in the muscles and joints, as also swelling and pain resulting from an injury such as a sprain. When you need immediate pain relief, it’sMoov spray to the rescue.