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Clenbuterol users and its popularity

Clen is popular weight loss supplement that is available in the healthcare market for a long time. This pill is available worldwide and is also marketed as Clenbuterol. Many claims that this drug is safest and do not have any possible side effects. This drug is claimed to treat breathing and respiratory issues for cattle and horses during initial days. Once the advantages were explored, men started using it for their own use. Thus, Clen had been exploited and used for non-medical purposes.

Popular cycles and how it works

All steroids and non-steroids will have to be regulated and taken in proper dosages. All these drugs will also have to be taken in a cycle to avoid any conflict with our body. Though Clen is claimed to be the safest drug, anything that changes the natural working pattern of our body has potential side effects when not taken properly. Thus, Clen will also have to be taken in particular pattern. The most popular Clen cycle is two weeks on and off cycle. Though there are various cycles available, this is most popular one. Most of the users starting a two-week Clenbuterol cycle are said to see more advantages and have reported that these cycles work for them better. In this cycle, the body gets used to the Clen routine and hence any potential side effects or allergies can be discovered at the original stage and cured when dosages are low. Users are advised to start off with a minimum dosage and then add 10 mg per day as the day progresses. Then after 2 weeks, the user stops using Clen for a week and observes how their body reacts. They, then continue with the dosage and complete it till the prescribed limit is reached.

What Clen claims and does it work?

Clen claims to boost the body’s metabolic rate naturally. This is very safe as this does not touch the hormone functioning in the body. But Clen controls the receptors send back and forth from the central nervous system. So it controls and interacts with CNS directly. So, there are potential side effects that can be caused to the central nervous system if the dosage is not taken properly. But, as claimed this drug is said to give benefits to users. If combined with proper diet and exercise routine Clen is said to do wonders for the users.

Word of caution and other benefits

Though this is in the non-steroid category, this is not completely approved in many countries for professional usage. Professionals such as athletes are banned from using this drug and if any found using this drug is subject to even lifetime ban. For first time users, starting a two week Clenbuterol cycle is advisable as it gives enough time to discover options. Also, there are many legal issues in many countries in buying this drug. This is officially banned in the U.S and UK. But I many countries like India, this drug can be easily purchased. Hence, the user is advised to know their geographic location before purchasing any of these drugs.