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Budget Hotels in Dandeli to stay in Dandeli

Dandeli is one of the beautiful cities of Karnataka that is best for spending vacations and making them adventurous and unforgettable. Visiting Dandeli would last forever in your memories of best trips in India. You may get to enjoy various activities in Dandeli like Skydiving, River rafting, Trekking and many more adventurous activities. Whenever you plan to visit some place, the first thing that strikes your mind is accommodation facility. You may find various budget hotels for staying in Dandeli. Since the city is popular for welcoming tourists all through the year, therefore, the city is a home to lots of hotels. So, you don’t need to bother about comfortable stay in Dandeli. In this blog, you would get to know some of the finest and budget hotels in Dandeli.

Some of the budget hotels in Dandeli that make your stay comfortable:

  1. Panther Jungle Stay in Dandeli: Panther Jungle Stay is a jungle side resort situated in Dandeli. This resort is located within the forest area. Being surrounded by three sides of forests, this resort has well-furnished rooms and tent stay facility as well. So, if you want to enjoy jungle life in Dandeli, then make your stay in Panther Jungle Stay in Dandeli.
  1. State Lodge in Dandeli: State Lodge is one of the budget hotels in Dandeli that is situated near to the bus stand of Dandeli. The staffs here in this hotel are so good and helpful. Moreover, you can easily get transportation facility here as the bus stand is closer to the hotel. It is the most preferred hotel for a stay in Dandeli as the fare of this hotel is so affordable.
  1. Stanley Farm House in Dandeli: Located 10 km away from Dandeli, Stanley Farm House is the best resort for adventure lovers as it is based on the concept of adventurous activities. If you are looking for a Homestay experience in Dandeli, then this resort is the best option for you. Surrounded by deciduous and dry forests, Dandeli is a home to diverse species of animals and birds. Stanley Farm House is one of the best resorts in Dandeli that offers you a comfortable staying experience in Dandeli.
  1. Magenta Resort: If you are going to visit Dandeli with your family or group of friends, then nothing can be entertaining than staying in Magenta Resort in Dandeli. You will get a lot of activities to do in this resort such as campfire, swimming, trekking and many other activities. Cottages here in this resort are very clean and well-furnished.
  1. Dandeli Chalet: This resort is one of the best resorts in Dandeli as it offers a plenty of amenities and services to the visitors. This resort is just like a home away from home that makes your stay more comfortable in Dandeli.

If you are planning a trip to Dandeli and searching for the best hotels in Dandeli, then let Dandeli Dreams take care of your needs and stay in Dandeli. Dandeli Dreams offer the best packages to make your Dandeli trip unforgettable at affordable prices.