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What To Do When The Accident Wasn’t Your Fault

You are a safe and conscientious driver. You understand the responsibility that comes with getting behind the wheel of car. Not everyone takes this view of driving. There are people who think checking their cell phone is more important than keeping their eyes on the road and others willing to get on the road when they are tired or have had too much to drink.

Your recent accident was not your fault. Although the events of that day are still a bit hazy, you know that for sure. As you get back your health, you have come to realize the financial impact that being out of work has had on your household. You were lucky in that the accident didn’t leave you too badly hurt. But you have nevertheless had to take quite a few days off. This has put you in the hole, and you now find yourself scrambling to catch up on your bills.

The person whose negligence caused the crash should not be let off the hook. There are bills to be paid, but you should not be the one paying them.

Making Carelessness Pay

Filing suit against the person who caused the accident is a perfectly legitimate move. You are a quiet person. You like to keep to yourself, do your work, and get on with building your life. It is not in you to make someone else’s life unnecessarily troublesome. But these are very special circumstances. The person who smashed into your car should not be allowed to go on as if they had done no wrong. Working with a personal injury lawyer such as the ones found at Fishman & Fishman, ltd. can help you get justice.

You Should Move Quickly

The hardest part of making your case against the other driver is gathering the evidence. You will need statements from witnesses. You will also need forensic evidence from the scene. It is best to set in motion the collection of such facts sooner rather than later. Your lawyer has the tools, the insight, and the connections to get things going. You do not want to sink deeper and deeper into your financial hole by waiting. You should do what is necessary to get compensation for the accident.

The law suit will probably be settled out of court. The settlement itself will have to be negotiated between your legal team and that of the respondent. It is important that yours is better—that it, more skilled, knowledgeable, and savvy. The future happiness of you and your family depend on the amount of money you are able to get from the person who put you in the hospital and out of work. You should feel no compunction for hiring a lawyer known for aggressiveness and determination. It is the best way to ensure you will be able to secure the material well-being of your family.

Do what you must to recover your health, but also work toward getting a fair and just settlement.