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7 Natural Treatments for Dry Hair

It does not matter whether, your hair is short or long, every one of us desire to have luscious and healthy hair. Unfortunately, some people have dry and dull hair. Even if you were born with healthy hair, it is common to deal with dryness. There are several reasons responsible for dry hair like, chemical treatments, pollution and staying in sunlight. When you are dealing with dryness, it is advised to start from your kitchen because it will give you natural and cost-effective ingredients for hair health. Avoid spending time in sunlight; stay away from heat styling, humidity and smoking. These things damage the quality of hair and inhibit its growth. In case of dryness of the scalp, you can take affordable scalp treatment in Singapore.

Get a trim

If you have dry hair, then in order to reset, get a fresh cut. If you do not have long hair,even then the split ends will make it difficult to style your hair and give it a dry and coarse look. Pay a visit to your hair stylist and find out affordable scalp treatment in Singapore.

Nutritional deficiency

You may be aware that your body is in need of certain vitamins and minerals to perform complex processes. It is imperative to nourish your body with specific vitamins.Vitamins can directly affect your hair and nail growth. Vitamin A, vitamins C, vitamin H and iron contributes a lot in making your hair healthy and shiner.

Omega-3 and antioxidants

The more antioxidants and omega-3 you consume, the better your hair will become. You can increase the amount of marine proteins; you will get it from oysters, salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines.

You will get antioxidants from walnuts, broccoli, tomatoes, kidney beans and blueberries.

Scalp treatment

Scalp treatment

Do not wash your hair everyday

No doubt, shampoo will clean your hair from the dirt and sweat, but it will also remove the sebum. Sebum is natural oil of hair, when its percentage decreases hair becomes dry.

Most of the people like to wash their hair every alternate day and as a result, your hair appear healthier. If you are living in a condition where you need to wash your hair quite often, then do not forget to use mild shampoo.

Cut down heat styling

You can style your hair by heat styling, this will add volume, but researches have proved that blow-drying will cause significant damage. If you need to blow-dry your hair, then it is imperative to keep the dryer approximately 6 inches away. Ask your hair stylist for getting an affordable scalp treatment in Singapore.

Wear a hat

Ultraviolet rays are harmful for your hair and so does the dry wind with dust. If you wear a hat, it will keep your hair shiny and healthy and safe. Prolonged sun exposure will damage your hair quality.

Use coconut oil

This is known as a natural emollient, which will repair your hair strands in case of damage. Coconut oil can penetrate perfectly in hair fibers. You can use it for deep conditioning as it improves the overall appearance.