6 iOS Mobile Game Development Trends Of 2016 - General News
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6 iOS Mobile Game Development Trends Of 2016

The unique UI and functional features of iOS devices give great scope for building feature-rich games. However, great features can only render success if they are in line with the latest trends of mobile games as a successful mobile game, like any other digital product, is a healthy mix of unique and trending attributes, both. Following are the trending features of mobile games that you must consider using in your mobile game:

Retro Characters: With the much-welcomed arrival of Mario to the iOS world, it is easy to see that retro characters are loved by a majority of us. Maybe it is the comfort they render or the memory lane they lead most of us to or the sheer simplicity they stand for, retro characters and set-ups are gradually emerging as favourites to the gamers of this day and age.

3D Touch: With the launch of 3D touch in the new iPhone 6S, iPhone Game Developersenjoy the possibility of building truly unique gaming experiences. 3D touch allows users to send different commands by varying the finger pressure applied on the mobile screen. So, through different finger point actions such as tapping, pressing, or holding, different game actions can be allowed to be carried out by a user.

Simultaneous Game Play: The emergence of multiple devices has led to the trend of simultaneous game play, which allows players to play a particular game on a variety of devices. So whether a user is active on an iPhone or iPad or Mac, (s)he can play a particular game anywhere.

Augmented Reality: With the huge success of the AR game, Pokemon Go, augmented reality is going to be a highly called-for feature in our coming times. Such games blend virtual reality and the real world to forge an out-of-this-world gaming experience. Needless to say incorporating such the feature of AR shall require the work of a star iPhone game development company.

Multi-Player Feature: Getting social over the digital world is a trend that is unlikely going to die. Combine that with the rising popularity and use of mobile games, and you get games that facilitate sociability a.k.a multi-player games. Such games allow users to play with friends and strangers, both and are gradually growing in popularity among the masses.

Light Monetization & In-game Purchases: Two monetization methods are in trend these days- light monetization and in-game purchases. The former relies on charging little money on a game purchase, in order to attract a large number of users. Charging little money from many users can lead to the collection of a large amount of money. The other popular monetization method is that of in-game purchases where no money is charged for downloading a game but, game levels, weapons and etc. are made available for purchase at a later stage.

The above-mentioned trends are likely to give new shape to iOS game development in India and elsewhere, thereby creating exciting times for game creators and enthusiasts all over the world.